Products : Biotechnology Products for Research labs


Reagents, Chemicals, Solvents, Culture Media, Disposables and Equipments for Life Science Research for Immunology, molecular iology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology and for Diagnostic Laboratories.

  • Electrophoresis Reagents (acrylamide,agarose,bffers, dyes and stains etc.)
  • Peptides (Fmoc amino acids, Solvents, reagents and resins and a range of stock peptides)
  • Molecular biology reagents (DNA, RNA, protein extraction, Purification, identification and analysis)
  • Microbial and cell Culture growth media (Over 500 different formulations for bacteriology, general microbiology and for cell culture)
  • Immunochemicals (Polyclonal and Moclonal antibodies, purified Antigen, Enzymes and other immunochemicals)
  • Histology reagents (Histoclear clearing agent etc.)
  • Scintillation Cocktails (including the ecoscint range)
  • Disposables and protective Clothing
  • General Equipments an high Tech Equipments (including Conventional and Real Time PCR Thermocyclears and Micromanipulaters)
  • Diagnostics (in-vitro diagnostic kits, ELISA and Rapid Test Kits for Laboratories)

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